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Friday, 4:45 PM

Joseph Peer 2.jpg

Joseph Peer

Crescent Tactical Fitness

"Your Pathway to the Nations- 7 Steps"

Adams 216

Come learn the 7 areas of preparation for finding and fulfilling Your calling in making disciples of all nations.  This is best designed for people who are at least curious about moving out of your own culture and into the unreached and unengaged peoples of the world.  Those who want to train and send such people will also benefit and be encouraged to have a process you can follow as you help the next generation of goers!

Rachael Lauer (1).jpeg

Rachel Lauer

"Storytelling and Poverty"

GLC - Simmons

Have you ever wondered how you can advocate for children in the developed world, while adhering to ethical standards? Join Rachael as she shares how poverty cycles impact child marriage, female genital mutilation and stunting. See her work across the globe as a video producer for Compassion International and learn how keeping the gospel central to ministry precipitates freedom.

Mike Vincent_edited.jpg

Mike Vincent

Calvary Rosarito Church Planting

"Reaching the World through Church Planting"

Winter 106

Pastor Mike Vincent leads a missions training organization that has planted over 50 churches in 6 different countries! In this workshop, we will discuss how missions-minded believers can get involved in the training up and sending out of men and women to plant churches and reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Andy Pearce_edited.png

Andy Pearce

International Students, Inc.

"Reading Between the Lines of the Great Commission"

Adams 217

The Great Commission is very familiar to most Christians but living it out successfully can be challenging. Understanding the context and culture of the time is very helpful. This breakout session will focus on practical action steps that will enable all of us to be obedient to the Great Commission, especially among unreached people groups who live among us.

Saturday, 10:30 AM



OPEN Network


Adams 219

From “why” to “how long” a journey of suffering under the sun and how to overcome.

Josh Michaels_edited.jpg

Josh Michaels

Translation and Scripture Engagement Consultant, SIL International

"Romans 15 and the Urgency of Frontier People Groups"

Adams 216

Contextualization is inevitable.  Ministries will be contextualized, that is, culturally adjusted, in the direction of the sending churches, established regional churches, or the indigenous community that is hearing the gospel for the first time. Through crazy stories, we will explore how gospel messengers, their messaging, and resulting movements can be culturally-customized in ways that contribute to a DNA of disciplemaking that is maximally authentic and has the best chance of going viral.  How the loving but limited insights of gospel messengers in all this ultimately inspire and inform real indigenization of the Jesus faith, enabling first-fruits believers to find their own powerful voices.    

Steve Robertson_edited.jpg

Steve Robertson

Mission to the World

"The spiritual and strategic necessity of ministry among misreached people groups"

GLC - Simmons

Much has been made of making disciples among what are known as “unreached people groups” – and for good reason – unreached people groups need to be reached! But there also exist “misreached people groups.” Misreached people groups are groups that have been exposed to the name of Jesus and to some biblical teaching but in such a way (whether through oppression or doctrinal distortion) that the gospel has not taken root and produced disciples such that we could truly consider these groups to be “reached.” In this talk, we will examine misreached people groups in the Western hemisphere, and we’ll explore the gospel imperative of faithfully making disciples of Jesus among them.


Katie & Carlos P

Jesus Film Project

"Engaging Spiritual Warfare"

Winter 106

Both in the most unreached places globally AND in your own backyard, the kingdom of darkness is active. Yet often, we don't take it seriously or know how to engage. How can we as believers stand in this battle, contending with the authority of Jesus and equipping those we minister to to do the same. 

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