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Friday, 4:15PM

Joseph Peer 2.jpg

Joseph Peer

7 Steps to Sending or Going


Learn the 7 areas to develop in if you want to send people to the unreached or you want to go yourself.  This framework has mobilized many people and is field tested- come hear stories and be inspired to take your next steps!

Markus Kilungga.jpg

Markus Kilungga

Should We Send Missionaries from America to Isolated Tribes?

Adams 216

What's the best way to support local people outside the West in their efforts to translate the Bible and incarnate Christianity? Come and hear ideas from Papua, Indonesia.

Andy Pearce_edited.png

Andy Pearce

How to Be Salt and Light in Cross-Cultural Spaces

Adams 219

Jesus says that we are salt and light. Learn how to build bridges of love that enable us to be salt and light with our international friends.

Friday, 5:15PM


Fouad Masri

Why Muslims want to follow the Messiah?

Adams 216

In the last 10 years a new movement is seen across the Muslim world.  From Morocco to Indonesia, Muslim men and women are curious to know about the Messiah Jesus and his teachings.  Find out why this phenomenon persists and how God can use you to bless Muslims.

PHOTO Dave Morehead PHOTO_editedgain.jpg

Dave Morehead

Anxiety and Injury…and the Grace to Live

Adams 217

We all experience varying degrees of anxiety, but sometimes it seems more than we can bear.  Similarly, traumatic events can bring us to a place of isolation, uncertainty, and depression.  Such things happen in a fallen world, but the grace offered through Christ gives us hope, resiliency, and renewal in spite of what we encounter on this side of heaven.

Wisley Scott and Heidi.jpeg

Scott & Heidi Wisley

Designed for Adversity

Adams 219

We will be exploring comparisons between American Christianity and Christianity lived out in the mountains of Papua, through stories, lessons, and challenges. What does America look like from outside the West? How do we live fully in the midst of crisis?

Robert Katende.jpg

Robert Katende

Sports Outreach


Got Soccer? Got Chess? Got something in between? Sports Outreach is the place for you! How can you help the poorest of the poor who struggle daily to survive? How could soccer or chess possibly help? God uses any and all of our talents and skills for His glory when we offer them to Him. Come learn how He can use you to expand His Kingdom!

Saturday, 10:15 AM

Merrill Teresa Dyck.jpg

Merrill & Teresa Dyck

Quick Fix Evangelism or Long-Haul Ministry?

Adams 219

Waving burning palm branches or using blood from the genitals isn't going to impress God. But what does?

Stan Cobb.jpg

Stan Cobb

Living Out the Christian Story

Adams 216

When we say we are Christian, we are saying much more than where we go to worship each week. We are defining ourselves as inhabiting a story as old as time itself. The Gospel story, the Christian story transforms us inside and out and it shapes our lives here and abroad. In a time of confusion, we are drawn to clarity. In a time of excess, we are draw to simplicity. In a time of great struggle and a futile search for balance, we are drawn to a well-ordered life.

Joseph Peer 2.jpg

Joseph Peer

Kingdom Conversations


Learn two simple tools for how to think and speak of Jesus and His Kingdom to people of different faith and cultural backgrounds.

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